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Efficient and attractive roller blinds in West Sussex

At Saddlers, we are committed to bringing our customers throughout East Sussex and West Sussex the very best in blinds technology. Our fantastic roller blinds, available from a range of leading manufacturers, will enhance your home year round. Our friendly team offers free consultations, helpful advice and a convenient service wherever you are in West Sussex or the surrounding areas.

Adding elegance to your home

Choosing a style of blinds for your home is not always easy – luckily Saddlers is here to offer free consultations, either in your own home or in our West Sussex showroom, to help you decide if roller blinds are the right choice for you. Roller blinds are notable as they are:
  • Elegant, clean and simple
  • Highly durable 
  • Available in a vast range of styles, colours and fabrics
  • Easy to use and convenient to install

fun prints and child safe options

Saddlers offers a wide range of playful roller blinds designed for children. Our stylish options include animals, fairy tales and toy-themed prints, ideal for nurseries and play rooms. Be sure to ask our team about our child safe motorised solutions, including Soft Rise spring blinds, Perfect Fit® and One Touch®. 

custom conservatory blinds

At Saddlers, we pride ourselves on being able to offer clients throughout West and East Sussex quality shading solutions for their conservatories. Our roller blinds can be tailored to your conservatory to help achieve the following:
  • Create shade in the warm summer months
  • Protect your furniture and plants by filtering light
  • Create more privacy
  • Add a touch of personality to the space
Visit our showroom today to see our selection of roller blinds
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